Exporting Made Easy: A Practical Guide contains the following Chapters and Appendices:

1. Introduction : Starting or Developing Your Export Business
2. The Qualities of an Ideal Agent or Distributor
3. The Difference between Agents and Distributors
4. Types of Agent & Distributor
5. Advantages & Disadvantages of using Agents or Distributors
6. Market Investigation – 5 “Ws”
7. Identifying Suitable “Partners”
8. Assessing Potential Agents & Distributors
9. Other Reasons for the Distributor or Agent’s Interest
10. Agency and Distribution Agreements
11. Commercial Agency Agreements in the EU
12. Exclusivity, Cross-Border Issues and the Internet
13. Payment and Reward Systems
14. How to Motivate Agents and Distributors
15. Problems in Managing Agents and Distributors
16. Complaints by Overseas Agents
17. Main Approaches to Reducing Problems
18. Auditing Agents and Distributors – Why & How?
19. Methods of Forecasting, Auditing and Monitoring Performance
20. Termination and Compensation
21. Changes in Ownership
22. Further Market Development – Other Routes to Market
23. Key Markets and Possible Entry Routes
24. The Bribery Act: Implications for Exporters
25. Cultural Issues


1. Useful Links
2. Template Agreements:
– Appointment of Agent (Goods and/or Services)
– Appointment of Distributor
3. Sample Marketing Plan
4. Case Study: Which Agent to Choose?

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