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  1. Good day.
    May name is Denis,and i am introducing Ukrainian company,
    Areas of our activity is timber material- palets elements, edged
    board,and another
    lumber from pine.
    Walnut,honey,pellets-biofuels, sunflower oils,wheat,corn and another
    group of goods.
    We have realy big voluems of a goods(thousands of tons and m3).
    Also we have our own warehouse in Odessa and in Poland.
    We are working from 1992 year.
    We have all sertificates and documents for export to all world.
    Like i understood you are working like export brockers?
    So you could help us to find a buyer,for some % for you from transaktion.
    Best regards.
    Tkachuk Denis.
    Export manager of CMT-LTD.

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